The mission of Change University is to set the foundation for real global change through the cultivation of future global difference makers by current global difference makers.

Who We Are

Change University has been established to become a knowledge portal to be updated by global difference makers, experts in their respective fields, as a repository of lessons learned and opportunities to make a difference to be disseminated to college and university students, future global difference makers, for inspiration, learning and partnership.

Who We Are Not

Change University has not been initiated to replace traditional institutions of higher learning.  Rather, ChangeU has been established to complement the efforts of traditional colleges and universities; to provide a more comprehensive portal of information and opportunities about human insecurities and solutions from a more broad spectrum of instructors and current global difference makers.

Change University is not an academic-credit-granting, degree-granting, nor tuition-charging organization. Rather, Change University has been created to provide a portal where all college and university students, as well as others that desire and deserve a single-location expansive source of information and ideas about becoming a global difference maker – provided by ChangeU’s “Champions of Change” – may visit and congregate to learn more about how to become the next generation of global difference makers – the next generation of Champions of Change.

Given the Change University Mission Statement, this organization will promote discourse related to positive solutions to the variety of forms of human insecurity around the world.  And while such discourse inevitably will sometimes include religion and politics, ChangeU will not be a forum for debates related to religion and politics.  Neither will it become a forum for “hate speak” in any form or fashion.


  1. Provide a knowledge portal for the Education of anyone interested in difference making for global issues.
  2. Provide a network for the Exchange of information, knowledge and ideas for all global difference makers.
  3. Transform high school graduates, through their college years, into agents for global change.
  4. To…
    • Expose – bring to light the many forms of human suffering around the world.
    • Equip – provide information about current solutions to global issues.
    • Engage – encourage and provide practical field experience opportunities.
    • Empower – create an environment where, to address global issues, current solutions are made better and new solutions are created.

Champions of Change

Champions of Change” at ChangeU are current global difference makers.  They are making a difference all around the world as well as around the corner.  Our Champions will write approximately 95-99% of the content on the website; be the sources of the majority of the links to talks and videos on the ChangeU website; and be the individuals of interest in the media items you will find on the website.  The Champions are the ones from whom we will begin to understand something about the different forms of human insecurity around the world as well as how each of us may begin to make a difference of our own in individual lives, communities and entire countries.  Our Champions of Change are the ones that will challenge us to step out of our comfort zones and join them in changing the world.

A Spirit Lives On

In the early days of the entity that would become Change University, Jonathan King was enlisted as an operations facilitator.  Jonathan had experience in financial analysis and recruiting.  He also had a lot of experience making a difference around the globe.  From the slums of Lima, Peru, to the hutongs of Beijing, China, to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and beyond, Jonathan impacted lives through his smile, through his mind and through his hands.  Jonathan personally knew, and shared the same desires as, a number of ChangeU’s “Champions of Change”.  Jonathan wanted nothing more than to impact lives, to change communities, to share love and concern for all.  Jonathan passed away on August 21, 2015, at the age of 27.  Jonathan’s spirit continues to live in and through Change University!


Change University has been created by college and university students for college and university students.  Students in the Honors College provide 95-99% of the work on the website and in the organization.  They are much more than “interns” – they are “leaders”!

C.I.H. (Chief Intern Herder)

Mr. Jack Medellin serves as Vice President of Operations at ChangeU.  In that capacity, Jack is responsibile for managing all intern efforts.  Such efforts include web development, social media, membership, enrollment, and the newsletter amongst many other activities.  Jack is also a Program Analyst for Aero I.T. at Lockheed Martin.  Jack is a proud graduate of the University of Texas at Austin.


What better can any organization provide to its young people than outstanding mentorship.  ChangeU is committed to providing mentors to all of the interns that make Change University run.  Mentors have more than a few years of “real world experience” from which to draw when sharing their suggestions with interns.  The ChangeU mentors also provide great resources for interns as they prepare to move into that “real world”.  Our mentors are essential guides to help keep ChangeU going.

C.M.W. (Chief Mentor Wrangler)

Mr. Tobin Davies serves as Mentor Relationship Manager at ChangeU.  In that role, Tobin is responsible for making mentor assignments as well as making sure that mentors are feeling useful and appreciated in their roles.  Tobin is also the author of the Whistle While You Work podcasts on iTunes.  Tobin’s undergraduate degree in International Business is from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor.

In-House Champion of Change

Ms. Becky Turner Martin serves as Executive Vice President of Change University.  In this role, Becky works with the President of ChangeU in managing relationships with ChangeU’s “Champions of Change”.  She also works with the VP-Operations and the Mentor Relationship Manager to make sure that ChangeU operations run smoothly.  Becky has degrees from the University of Southern California and the University of Lugano.  Her background is in sustainable development and economics.  She has been working as a Project Manager for projects in Guatemala, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Colombia and previously as a Logistics Project Coordinator for the Emergency Response & Recovery Branch at the CDC in Haiti.  Becky founded and manages a social enterprise to improve sustainable operations in multiple developing countries to empower women out of poverty.

Head Cheerleader

Dr. Jim King serves as President of Change University.  In that capacity, Jim serves as the main liaison to ChangeU’s “Champions of Change”.  He also works with the Executive Vice President in overseeing all aspects of ChangeU.  Given his background in I.T., he occasionally “accidentally” wanders into the web development group’s efforts.  Jim has served in many capacities in academic institutions including Dean of Business, Dean of Global Engagement, Director – The Global Center, director of two different graduate programs in information systems, chair of a computer department and study abroad coordinator.  He has also taught in higher education institutions for over 35 years.  Jim leads student efforts around the world in supporting efforts of impact enterprises and in service learning opportunities to help students see how they may use their professional knowledge and skill set to make a difference in the lives of others and entire communities.  He has led trips or traveled to over 25 countries, most in the developing world.  Jim’s degrees are from the University of Texas-Arlington and Baylor University.