Be the Change!

When I was 8 years old I watched my grandfather make a stand in a soccer stadium, while all around him were screaming at him – he courageously did what he knew was right.  One by one, others realized he was right and stood with him. Eventually the whole stadium, maybe 18,000 people, joined him.  I learned a key lesson that day: “If someone will take courage to do what needs to be done – others will follow”.

Over the last 25 years this image has kept me going. Whether working with orphans in African villages, street kids in Brazilian favelas or crazy English football fans – we must do what is right if we want to see the world around us transformed.

Changing the world starts where you live – the city, college, neighborhood or club in which you find yourself every day.  Speak up.  Act.  Care.  Stand up.  Go.  When you see what is wrong – put it right.  You can; people like you always have.  All of the people that have inspired you – and those that will inspire you – with stories of change started with things that look like small stuff – long before you heard about their big stuff.

So who needs help?  Who around you is being marginalized, judged or mistreated?  What can you do today that will assist or empower that person’s life or situation?

I am delighted that Change University has been created to help inspire and resource you to be the change you want to see.  Feed yourself with stories that inspire you.  But more importantly, build your own stories by starting now.

To create sustainable change that lasts and multiplies, it is best to take people with you. Share your vision with friends and the people you meet. Invite them to work with you. Start a little movement right where you are. I find that people are looking to be invited in. Lots of people have a great heart & want to do something. But they don’t know where to start. Invite them to start with you. Tell your story – and share your heart – and watch them dive in.

Go for it!  Don’t fear!!  It’s a real adventure that will change your life while you try to change the lives of others.

With Passion & Belief,

Jon Burns, B.E.M.

Jon is the Founder @ Lionsraw (  Lionsraw is a movement that mobilizes passionate global football (soccer) fans who believe they can make a difference in the lives of others locally and globally.  Jon is currently serving as President @ GEM (  Jon was named a 2014 CNN Top Ten Hero.  Please check out his tribute @ the following link:

Welcome to Change University!

Recently I heard a story about a 15 year-old girl with a life-long physical ailment. She had been awarded a special wish by the Make a Wish Foundation. When her initial wish did not work out, instead of coming up with another wish, she told her mother that she already had everything that she really wanted and wished to give her wish to someone less fortunate. And she did. She changed the life of another young girl by granting that young girl’s wish!

Young people, especially the current generation of young people, increasingly desire to make the world around them a better place – to change the world for the better – to make a positive difference in the lives of the less fortunate. And the really exciting thing is that they really think – even know – that they can make a difference – that they can change the world. A lot of not-so-young people also want to change the world. And sometimes they are able to do so; sometimes they are not able. Too often they jump in without having the “tools” that education and experience provide. And many more times life gets in the way, and those passionate desires fade into memories of dreams.

Change University if for the young people and everyone else with those dreams of changing the world. Change University is designed as a portal for the exchange of information about human insecurities like poverty, hunger and homelessness AND about existing attempts to address those human insecurities through education, healthcare, economic development and other realms of impact. The role of ChangeU is to provide in one place, through a variety of methods, information for anyone and everyone that wants to make a difference – that wants to change the world.

ChangeU brings to you Champions of Change from around the world, and from around the corner. Our Champions will share via blog posts their understanding of the causes of human insecurities, manifestations of human insecurities and the variety of solutions used to address human insecurities. And maybe more importantly, our Champions are going to challenge future global difference makers to use everything that they learn at ChangeU to create new solutions, better solutions and potentially collaborative solutions with other future global difference makers. Be sure to read their blog posts each week!

We also invite you to jump into the videos of our Champions of Change as they share via recorded talks all of the knowledge that they have acquired over the years. And don’t forget to read the media reports of the ways our Champions and others have changed the world; more specifically, how they have changed the lives of millions of less fortunate people around the world – just like the 15 year-old girl did with her wish.

On Saturday, Feb. 13, Jon Burns, 2014 CNN Top 10 Hero, will drop the “Change University Challenge” on you via the first blog post by one of Champions of Change.

WARNING: Do not read the Challenge unless you mean business about changing the world!  You will be challenged!!

Will you accept the challenge? Whether you are in college, high school or the retirement home, you can make a difference with the right tools. Engage Change U and find the right tools to become the Champions of Change for the next generation.

Welcome to Change University!

Dr. Jim King, President
Change University

Doc, our author, has traveled around the world with university students studying difference makers, working with difference makers, and serving to make a difference in the lives of slum dwellers, human trafficking victims, outcasts and others less fortunate.  You can read more about him on the About Us page.