Not For Sale!

by Jim King






Do those statistics make you mad?

They make David Batstone mad!

Do you know how close those numbers live to you???

Our newest Champion of ChangeU David Batstone does!     And he decided to do something – many somethings – about it!

Please read on…


David Batstone has been a Silicon Valley venture capitalist.  He wrote Saving the Corporate Soul.  He is currently a social entrepreneurship professor at the University of San Francisco (

Human slavery became real to David when he learned that many staff members at his favorite restaurant were actually labor slaves.  He learned this when the trafficking ring was exposed due to the death of one of the trafficked young people.  He was determined to learn more about human trafficking and slavery.  He was determined to make a difference.

David’s quest led him around the world where he stared trafficking in the face; where he met those in the fight against trafficking and slavery.  Those experiences led him to join the fight – and to fight in the ways he was most skilled; in ways that allowed him to have the greatest impact.

If you do not do anything else related to this blog post, please watch David’s TEDxTalk about his journey.  It is not a long video.  But it is a GREAT story:


David started “Just Business” (, a social impact investment organization, and a not-for-profit foundation, “Not For Sale” (  Not For Sale is a network created to grow self-sustaining social projects with purpose-driven business to end exploitation and forced labor.  Through and for these enterprises, the following social impact organizations have either been created or partnered with.  Please visit the websites of Just Business and NFS to see more related enterprises…and please, please, please support each of these efforts.


Square Organics –

Z Shoes –

Dignita –

Boll & Branch –

St. Clare Coffee –

Alex And Ani –

All Saints –


In 2017, David was awarded the Peace Award by the United Nations Women for Peace Association.  He was also awarded the 2017 Harari Conscious Leadership and Social Innovation prize by the University of San Francisco’s School of Management.  We are so excited to name Dr. David Batstone our newest Champion of ChangeU.


Please join David and Change University in the fight against human exploitation!!!




Dr. Jim King is the President of Change University.  You may read more about him at the bottom of the page at this link: .


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