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If you have not yet had a chance to read my previous post, you will want to read it before you read this one.  It explains the genesis of this post.  Here is a link:


Our Invitation to Each of You

In the beginning was Game Changers::Difference Makers, a group of less than 100 really smart, really talented athletes that graduated from high schools around the USA in 2015 – and me.  It all started out as “mentoring” – until it got past two mentees.  Thus the group, GC::DM, was formed.  There is a GC::DM Facebook group, a GC::DM Facebook page, and a GC::DM LinkedIn group.  The members of Game Changers::Difference Makers can still associate with each other via any of those options.

Change University was created as a place for GC::DM members to fuel their corporate desires to truly make a difference in the world.  The idea was to create a space where stories and videos of existing difference makers around the world could be shared in one spot.  The plan was to challenge and inspire not only GC::DM members, but everyone that wished to be a difference maker. It would be up to these smart, talented GC::DM members to stock the website with stories, information, advice, etc.

In theory, it was a wonderful idea.  In practicality, it was not.  All of the group’s members were in one of about a dozen universities around the country.  Some of them were playing intercollegiate sports.  All of them were getting involved in way too many activities and were studying way too much – the things that got them into GC::DM in the first place.  Change University was at best a virtual table at which they each had a seat.  Out of sight, out of mind has a way of settling in on activities that are virtual, especially when competing with “real” activities.

Long story short, a very few members were saddled with all of the responsibilities – and we all know what happens after that.  Each of them, one at a time, wears out.  This unfortunately happens before what we think will be the ultimate benefits of GC::DM and ChangeU have been realized.

So…a reboot is in order.

We need minds, hands, hearts and all other aspects of our Change University friends.  We have a stellar web manager. Yet, he is in one of the toughest engineering programs in the country.  We have social media managers.  Yet, they are all now doing internships and traveling the world making a difference as juniors and seniors.  We have a few writers that are great at sharing stories of Champions of ChangeU and about speakers that come to campuses and at writing about cool stuff happening around the world.  But they are now writing their own blogs or working for websites or writing books.  That’s what they should be doing.  The problem is that this story is never ending – and it will always be never ending.

Therefore, ChangeU needs you!

First, we have already started contacting some folks that we know have some needed skills to help ChangeU move forward.  But. if you have not been contacted, don’t think it is because you are unwanted.  We just might not know that you have a skill that we need.  Let us know.  Web gurus? Social media gurus? Writers? Other?  Can you share 1-3 hours per week?

Second, one of the absolute biggest ways that everyone can help is to “Like” and “Share” items that we post.  That does not take long.  But it spreads our name and, more importantly, our message.  That helps everyone associated with ChangeU.  And you don’t have to sign up to help us in that manner.  Just click those buttons.  Please click those buttons!

Third, we are “crossing borders”.  My time in Southeast Asia in May and my conversations with folks that are truly making a difference in that region of the world (as well as similar visits in other regions over the past twenty years) reawakened me to “global”.  I know “global”.  But, sometimes it is hard to see over the tall grass and you miss the bigger picture.  Time for unintentional blinders to come off.  Sure, anyone in the world could always read the posts at ChangeU and the social media outlets related to the website.  However, I am talking about involvement.

You are going to read in my next post that we have created the role of Student Vice-President.  The person in this role is going to put a student’s voice into the administration of the group and ChangeU.  And “she” is not from the USA.  We will also be grabbing some of the brightest minds for change from all around the world to join in as region and country directors/managers.  Some have already been asked.  Some have been targeted and not yet asked.  Nevertheless, it is never too early for you to recommend such a young person.  For now, they need to be university students.  Ultimately, some will transition into similar roles as graduates.  Can you help us?

Finally, it is time to get active in more ways than just writing.  We hope to partner with organizations that have experience in leading service-learning and social impact excursions.  Some are travel orgs.  One is a cruise line.  How cool would it be for a company like Whole Foods (just as an example – no pressure – seriously) to sponsor four GC::DM members on one of these experiences and to send one of their own staff along, too?  I think cool. I think smart business!

Some of our Champions of ChangeU have internship opportunities.  Some of you have internship opportunities.  Who better to place in those positions than GC::DM members and our student liaisons from around the world?  THEY ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST!  And they already want to be difference makers.  We are going to recruit you to recruit them.

We also want to have a physical, visible presence on campuses.  We actually want to “make a difference”, not just talk about it.

So who is ready to step up to the plate to help us get active?  Ideas? Sponsors? Partners?  You have to let us know!  Please?!

It is time to stop this writing stuff.  No, not on the website.  We will still be “educational” in that way.  Rather, it is time to finish this post.  It is time for “change” at Change University.  It is time for a reboot.  The main question that remains is:

Who wants to jump into the boat with us?  Now is the time…


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Dr. Jim King is the President of Change University.  You may read more about him at the bottom of the page at this link:

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