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Change University + Kiva = HOPE

  JOIN THE CHANGE UNIVERSITY LENDING TEAM!!!   Change University now has a lending team at KIVA (www.kiva.org).  Please join our lending team.  Here is the link for where to do that: https://www.kiva.org/team/change_university   JOIN THE CHANGE UNIVERSITY LENDING TEAM!!!   Your money is ALWAYS your money!  But when you join the ChangeU lending team […]

It’s Troy Anderson’s fault…sort of…

  If you have not read last week’s post, it might prove beneficial to read it before reading this post: https://www.changeuniversity.org/uncategorized/the-reboot-at-changeu/   In my previous two posts, I shared that I recently returned from Thailand with a team of university students. We were very fortunate on one of our first nights in Bangkok to hear […]

The Reboot at ChangeU!

  If you have not yet had a chance to read my previous post, you will want to read it before you read this one.  It explains the genesis of this post.  Here is a link: https://www.changeuniversity.org/uncategorized/when-it-gets-personal-a-reboot-at-changeu/   Our Invitation to Each of You In the beginning was Game Changers::Difference Makers, a group of less […]

When it gets personal – a reboot at ChangeU!

Sometimes all it takes is a small negative to lose your way or to allow yourself to become lazy.  Too often it takes a much-greater-in-scope situation to cause corrective action to be taken.  So it is with the too long awaited reboot of the Champions of ChangeU blog series. However, the wait is over.  The […]

John Burns – 2014 CNN Hero Award Video

  Over time we at Change University have been accumulating links to presentations given by our Champions of ChangeU.  The locales vary; the message is always the same.  “We must be the change we wish to see; do something about ‘it’ – whatever ‘it’ might be!” We have decided to start highlighting some of these […]

Two (or more) Birds with One Stone

  by Jim King Most social entrepreneurs find it difficult enough to make a “direct” difference in only one area of impact beyond economic impact.  Intentionally making a difference in more than one other area of impact is even more challenging.  Doing so directly “through” the enterprise instead of having a more “indirect” impact from […]

There’s No Crying in Baseball!

by Jim King Truth be told, this blog post is not about baseball players.  It is about coffee farmers.  But I did not want to tell a lie and say “There’s no crying in coffee farming!” because there is most definitely crying in coffee farming – and there has been at least since the creation […]

The Genesis of Change University

by Jim King   We thought it was about time to share a little bit about why and how Change University came to exist.  Our website, ChangeUnivesity.org, gives a bit of information about us.  But there are still questions that we receive.  Hopefully this post will address most of the questions that we have received […]