Two (or more) Birds with One Stone

  by Jim King Most social entrepreneurs find it difficult enough to make a “direct” difference in only one area of impact beyond economic impact.  Intentionally making a difference in more than one other area of impact is even more challenging.  Doing so directly “through” the enterprise instead of having a more “indirect” impact from […]

How One Person Rallies Many to Effect Change

  This blog post is the second in the series on Kenneth Lander and THRIVE Farmers.  If you have not yet read Part 1, you will find it at:   Part 2 is taken in its entirety (text only and with minimal editing) from the website of The Coffee Compass.  You may access the […]

There’s No Crying in Baseball!

by Jim King Truth be told, this blog post is not about baseball players.  It is about coffee farmers.  But I did not want to tell a lie and say “There’s no crying in coffee farming!” because there is most definitely crying in coffee farming – and there has been at least since the creation […]